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Working on The Weeknd

Brewster Parsons heats things up in the scorching new video for “Can’t Feel My Face,” the song of the summer from recording artist The Weeknd.


Lions for “Love”

The emotional and influential “Love Has No Labels” PSA from Ad Council receives six Lions at Cannes 2015.


Microsoft OneNote Wins Gold Lion

Microsoft OneNote’s Collective Project won a Gold Lion at Cannes for their empowering video of a child receiving a bionic arm from none other than Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.


Venice #StreetArt

One of the perks of working on Abbot Kinney is the presence of art and fashion around every corner. Check out the spectacular street art we find popping up around our office in Venice, CA!


BP Reps LA

BP reps Los Angeles in this star-studded spot directed by the Hoffman Brothers featuring Kobe Bryant, Gwen Stefani and more.