About Us

Brewster Parsons is an award-winning creative studio specializing in photo real visual effects, direction, design, and project management, with offices in Los Angeles and New York. As a scalable boutique, BP has the aesthetic eye to create thoughtful art and the operational brawn for the biggest ambitions. Brewster Parsons allows imagination, creativity, and passion to permeate their culture.


By design, the BP team is a group of listeners open for alliance. This mission of collaboration allows their artists to create meaningful work that both inspires an audience and fulfills a vision with enthusiasm and efficiency.


Brewster Parsons is many things. ¬†What we are not is owned by a bank, multinational conglomerate or institutional investors. We are not trustafarians experimenting with ways to find ourselves. We are an independent woman-owned WBENC company. We are hard-working artists and entrepreneurs, who’ve built a reputation of excellence through talent, sweat, and respect.